What Is the Sochi Agreement

The Sochi Agreement, signed on September 17, 2018, is a document that sets out a roadmap for peace in the Syrian civil war. The agreement was negotiated by the leaders of Russia, Turkey, and Iran, who have been playing key roles in the conflict.

The agreement outlines several key points, including a ceasefire in the province of Idlib, the establishment of a demilitarized zone in Idlib, and the withdrawal of all heavy weapons from this area. It also calls for the release of prisoners, the establishment of joint patrols to monitor the demilitarized zone, and the creation of a committee to work on the development of a new constitution for Syria.

The Sochi Agreement is significant because it represents the first major agreement between Turkey and Russia on the Syrian conflict. Turkey has been supporting rebel groups opposed to the Syrian government, while Russia has been backing the government of President Bashar al-Assad. The two countries have been on opposite sides of the conflict since it began in 2011, and their cooperation in the Sochi Agreement marks a significant shift in the dynamics of the conflict.

The agreement has been generally welcomed by the international community, but its success remains uncertain. The Syrian civil war is a complex and multifaceted conflict with many different actors, and achieving lasting peace will be a difficult and challenging task.

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